Richard Wagner - Prelude to Lohengrin (Performed by the Amarillo Symphony)

Peter Tchaikovsky - Symphony #4, movement 1 (Performed by the Amarillo Symphony)

Johannes Brahms - Violin Concerto, movement 1 (Ilana Setapen, violin, performed by the National Repertory Orchestra)



Performed by the Academy at the Music Institute of Chicago.

Mozart - Impresario overture

Copland - Down a Country Lane

Mendelssohn - "Scottish" Symphony, movements two and three

Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto Ilana Setapen, violin

The following three videos were performed by the Amarillo Symphony Orchestra.

Samuel Jones - Roundings Excerpt (1:07)

Ludwig van Beethoven - 7th Symphony, Mvt. 2 (7:26)

Rehearsal, Ludwig van Beethoven - 7th Symphony, Mvt. 1 (4:33)